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Healthy eating and physical activity are keys to maintaining a healthy weight. Being at a healthy weight is related to a reduction in several serious health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, stroke (brain attack), and certain cancers. For those that are overweight, even a modest weight loss can have a positive impact on your health. Healthy weight can also impact your energy levels, sleep habits, self-esteem, psychological health, and health care costs.

Maintaining Your Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is a result of an overall average of calories consumed and calories burned. Taking in more calories than you burn with activity will lead to weight gain. If you burn more calories through activity than you consume, you will lose weight. Having a few high calorie snacks/meals or a day of inactivity can be balanced with overall healthy food choices and physical activity. It is important to take care of yourself with sensible health habits such as avoiding exercise when injured.

Body Mass Index Explained

Body mass index (BMI) is an estimation of body fat based on height and weight. BMI is a way to see if you are in a healthy range. Information on healthy eating and physical activity for a healthy weight and a BMI calculator are located on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Check with your health care provider to determine safe and effective ways to achieve and maintain the healthiest weight for you.

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight

Healthy Eating is important for all age levels. Starting with breastfeeding for infants, a lifetime of choosing nutrient dense food and beverages will contribute to lowering risk factors for many chronic diseases and conditions. Make healthy eating and physical activity a priority for your entire family. For information on menus, meal plans, healthy eating on a budget visit located on the United States Department of Agriculture website.

Healthiest Weight Florida is a public-private collaboration bringing together state agencies, not for profit organizations, businesses, and entire communities to help Florida's children and adults make choices about healthy eating and active living.