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Iron Man and the Habit Heroes—Literacy Week 2014

In January 2014, Healthiest Weight Florida worked with the Florida Department of Education, Florida Blue, Disney, The Florida Lottery, and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to kick off the release of Iron Man and the Habit Heroes for Literacy Week 2014.

In this comic adventure villains unite to take control of New York City. They are stealing the citizen’s energy in order to open a portal and bring their evil master to Earth.

The Habit Heroes—Agent Dynamo, Agent Fuel and Agent Quench—respond to the emergency by uniting with the world famous armored Avenger, Iron Man.

This book conveys a positive message about healthy lifestyles in a fun and empowering way.

Students learn Iron Man’s armor may be able to fly through the air and fire repulsor rays, but inside that armor is Tony Stark, who like all of us, can always learn new ways to improve their lives by making healthy decisions.

During this project, approximately 4,700 kits were distributed, reaching an estimated 94,000 third, fourth and fifth grade students. Feedback from teachers, students, and volunteers was very positive:

My students all came back the next day telling me what they decided to do that afternoon instead of watching TV. They were very excited. — Chaffee Trail Elementary

The students chose apples and oranges for lunch rather than buying their normal chips and popcorn. One of my students even decided to start a petition to request that only healthy food be served in the cafeteria and had everyone sign it! — Ivey Lane Elementary

The students discussed the need for water, coke, or a juice. After reading the comic book, they decided it would be better to power up with water. — Greensboro Elementary

Healthiest Weight Florida is a public-private collaboration bringing together state agencies, not for profit organizations, businesses, and entire communities to help Florida's children and adults make choices about healthy eating and active living.